Products for Publishers

First Class Content + First Class Technology

Eviesays provides its 600 media partners and publishers a massive amount of content so that their website visitors will know what is happening around them. Down to the smallest market, we know the concerts, plays, government meetings, business association gatherings, and just about everything else happening in your community. Combine that content with top-flight technology and you've got a winning product.

Eviesays has two products for publishers:

The Eviesays Calendar Platform:


The Eviesays calendar platform is a launching pad into a world of entertainment for your website visitors. It's a widget that can be added to your site, and customized through the use of our widget builder. The widget can be privately labeled to look just like your site. Click here for more information…

The Eviesays API

The Eviesays API is perfect for publishers who feel they already have a calendar that is up to snuff technologically. However, they need valuable content to go IN that calendar. Subscribe to either our national feed or local feed and take advantage of our immense database of activities that fill you in on what's hot in your markets.

Products for Advertisers

Advertisers like nothing better than people looking for things to do. And that's the audience eviesays provides. Eviesays has assembled a national network of media partners that publish rich entertainment calendars. Together, they form an unparalleled network in which to get the word out to an adventuresome, curious, and culturally aware audience.

To those individual venues or performers NOT interested in national reach, we offer a premium listings program whereby your listing can rise to the top of the page and stand out from the others.

For more information on our advertising programs, please email